Claire Terrien
dipl. architect | scenographer | light, object and graphic designer

Born in France, 05.09.1981 - Berlin & France



* Set design and interventions in urban areas, camerawoman with the group PaperGlue’n Scotch,
(FR//NL//DE//BE), 2009-10

* Concept and construction of scenography | light design |spatial logistic
for the productions of the group K.I.E.Z. to Go., interactive theatrical guided tours in Berlin: Utopia, Expedition into the meantime // Gladow-Bande // Wege & Wiederstand // Ignaz
with K.I.E.Z. to Go e.V. | Berlin, 2006-10

* Creation of sculptures and objects | light programming | assistent
Atelier Anselm Reyle | Berlin, 2006-08

* 1st price for the concept of the scenography of a railway platform for the “Heavy Industry Museum” in Oberhausen. Design and construction of a moving light installation //sculptures with objects from the heavy industry //
with Ateliers Stark | Oberhausen, 2004-06

* Project manager | Graphic design | Constructor | Technical drawings
stage design //sculptures and expositions //fairs and festivals // since 2002.